Association Française loi 1901 non-profit


MarcosGames, created by VAN HELLEPUTTE Marc,
administered by VAN HELLEPUTTE Marc and MARIE Claire,
organizes a permanent game titled MarcosGames.
This game starts on 29/07/2003 as an independent Belgian site,
transformed into a French association dated 01/11/2007
whose registered office is 34/36 route de la Libération 94430 Chennevières sur Marne.
Exclusively available on the Internet at and 24/7 (except technical incident).
All trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the site are the exclusive property of MarcosGames and are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.
Any unauthorized reproduction of these marks, logos and signs constitutes an infringement liable to penal sanctions.
The free games and without obligation of purchase are open only to any physical person major in their country.
For minors, the games are under the responsibility of their legal representative.
Any person registered on the site and playing on it shall adhere to these rules.
Each person must register on MarcosGames’ first use of
the form and become a member of MarcosGames.
A maximum of 2 accounts per household (same address, same IP) will be allowed.
Any additional accounts will be automatically destroyed.
An account being personal, the sale or exchange of account is totally prohibited.
The member will have to choose a pseudonym and a password.These allowing MarcosGames to identify it. The password must be personal and confidential. Any misappropriation by a third party of such data, resulting in fraud such as spending points or otherwise, is the sole responsibility of the account holder and does not in any way entail the responsibility of MarcosGames.
When registering, the member must inform his name, first name, postal address, date of birth and a valid email. This information allows MarcosGames to send gifts earned by each member. Any entry whose details will be invalid, false or whimsical will be canceled by MarcosGames and without prior notice or possibility to find the said accounts and without being able to claim any gifts ordered before the closing of the account.
Any insult, defamation, verbal aggression (etc …) against MarcosGames and his team entails the immediate deletion of the member’s account without any possible counterpart.
MarcosGames offers a discussion forum through a free forum and guestbook to all registered members. The member accepts by these rules that he is solely responsible for his writings. MarcosGames can not be held responsible for any offensive, defamatory or other illegal words. Only the member who has indicated such remarks may be prosecuted.
Finally, any abuse of any kind whatsoever, may result in the closure of the member account without any possible counterpart.
Any claim of any kind that is not justified can not be tolerated. As a result, MarcosGames reserves the right to suspend a member account for 48 hours if it does not respect these rules or if it proves that its claims are not justified.
In the event of unjustified repeated claims, MarcosGames reserves the right to block the member’s account for an indefinite period, up to the deletion of the account.
The value of the points has no relation to any monetary value.
At any time, the user and him alone will be able to consult the number of points he has on his account.
Obtaining parts can be done by purchasing codes called “MarcosCodes”.
These codes can be obtained free of charge in exchange for points on the member’s account.
It is strictly forbidden in any form whatsoever to sell these codes without prior agreement from MarcosGames.
MarcosGames reserves the right to make complaints to the competent authorities for any sales of illegal codes. Parts can also be obtained by several means of payment audiotel (available in the “+ de parties” section).
The audiotel codes can be obtained free of charge in exchange for points, (even they won for free) in the gift shop.
The purchase of codes for minors is prohibited without prior parental agreement,
MarcosGames thus declines all responsibility in case of abuse
of the surtaxed numbers by the minors. Similarly, the purchase of audiotel code surtaxé
from a workplace is not permitted without prior approval of management.
In case of abuse, the member accepts by this regulation that he is solely responsible for his act and that in any case, MarcosGames can be held responsible for an abusive use without prior authorization as mentioned here. MarcosGames reserves the right to remove or modify the points of the member if this one does not respect the present regulation.
MarcosGames is not responsible and can not be held liable in the event of a technical breakdown or incident that prevents normal play and may cause loss of points. MarcosGames reserves the right to set the member’s account to 0 (zero) for inactivity for at least 6 months.
The points are exchangeable in gifts. The complete list of gifts is available in the “Gift Shop” section.
This list may be modified at any time and without notice and the photographs of it are not contractual.
The lots have a unit value of between € 1 and € 500.
As a result, no claims will be tolerated following the modifications made.
The delivery of gifts is carried out in the countries indicated for each lot and under the responsibility of the member in case of customs or other tax in his own country. The costs of implementation, commissioning, installation, use, administrative formalities, of the products earned by the member remain the exclusive charge of the member. The shipping costs are included in the number of points indicated in the “gift shop” so there will be no additional charge whatsoever by MarcosGames. When the member orders a gift, he will see his account debited by the number of points equal to the value of the chosen gift. Any false information and / or address will invalidate the winner and all of his / her points.
In the event of a break or for any other reasons relating to the stock, MarcosGames reserves the right to send to the member a gift of equivalent value or to recreate the member’s account (by informing him) of the equivalent of the number of points. Gifts can not be reimbursed in cash or any counterpart of any kind.
MarcosGames agrees to send the ordered gift as soon as possible, and within a maximum of +/- 60 days.
By accepting the Prize, winners authorize MarcosGames to use his / her name, surname, postal address or internet in any promotional event in the present game without the use of any other party other than the prize won.
MarcosGames can not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft that occurred during delivery.
In the case of a complaint, the member himself must make his representations to La Poste or the direct distributor of the supplier.
MarcosGames only issues the prizes won by a member and does not have the status of producer, manufacturer, supplier, dealer or distributor of lots
, and therefore can not see his liability incurred on any of these securities. Unclaimed prizes (within 30 calendar days) or returned by mail will be forfeited by the entrant and will become the property of MarcosGames. The ordered codes are delivered in “My account” within a maximum of 72 hours.
In case of unsubscription to the site, the member concerned can not claim any compensation whatsoever, similarly, any order in progress will be canceled and can not be claimed.
An Elite status section is available on the site.
The conditions of access depend on the participation of the player in the site. The conditions can change at any time without notice and without possible part.
This status is granted according to the indicated conditions. It is not definitive.
As a result, an Elite member must follow the required conditions if he wishes to keep his Elite status.
Any order from an Elite will be acquired once the gift is noted sent in the list provided for this purpose.
Therefore, if it turns out that a member loses his Elite status while the batch is not yet sent,
the order in question will be canceled and the points re-credited.
The Elite status has several levels. As a result, and in the same way,
the Elite member will have to keep his Elite level until the gift is sent to claim it.
If so, the order will be canceled and the points re-credited.
MarcosGames reserves the right not to validate the points of the member or to delete his account definitively, if this one played an abnormal way using programs, scripts or robots intervening in the site abnormally taking advantage of the flaws detected in the program of the site.
Any cheating in any way will result in the loss of the member’s account.
In case of recidivism, the member will be banned from the site.
Participation implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible diversions or piracy and risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the network.
MarcosGames can not be held liable for any misuse or incident related to the use of the computer, Internet access to the telephone line or any other technical connection.
In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 121-36 of the Consumer Code, access to the site and participation in the games offered there are entirely free and free, so that the costs of connection to the site, exposed by the participant will be reimbursed in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. The connection fees to play, will be refunded on simple request made by any player as well as the postage costs of this application. This must be done on a free paper, accompanied by a photocopy of identification and indicating, his / her pseudonym, his / her name, first name, personal postal address, and highlighted on a copy of his / her telephone bill and / access to which it subscribes the date and time of its connections to the site. This request must be sent by postal mail within thirty (30) days of the date of participation of the player, postmarked, to the address of the organizing company. The reimbursement procedures are as follows: – Only one application per month and per household is allowed, provided that the participant is resident in France. – for connection costs: based on a sufficient connection time, estimated at ten (10) minutes of local communication per day, to participate in the Games – for postage costs: on the basis of the letter rate “in force. Any incomplete, incorrect or incorrect request will not be taken into account. E-mail refund requests will not be taken into account. There will be no refunds for connections from an “unlimited flat rate” (unlimited communications / ADSL) or “all inclusive” (including communications), as well as expenses incurred at any partner site, such as connection charges via one or connection kits, purchase of products or services. As a general rule, only the connection fees incurred by the MarcosGames Association for the purpose of the proposed game will be refundable. The refund will be made within two (2) months from the date of receipt by check. The purchase of optional and additional parts on the site will not be refunded, the codes allowing their purchase being available free of charge in exchange for accumulated points. Points being earned for free,
Participation in this game implies unreserved acceptance of the rules in their entirety.
MarcosGames will determine in full all disputes relating to the game and its rules.
No private or written telephone inquiries regarding the interpretation or application of these rules, the mechanisms or the modalities of the game will be
answered . MarcosGames specifies that the use of hypertext links may lead the member to other websites ,
independent of MarcosGames.
In this case, MarcosGames can not assume responsibility for the activities of third-party sites.
MarcosGames may be required to offer participants access to third party sites or participation in loyalty, marketing or other activities on a third party website or program.
In this case, MarcosGames can not assume responsibility for the activities of these third parties and commits its members to take note of the conditions of the proposed participation.
In particular, the third party sites visited by the participant or the advertisements appearing on the site are likely to contain “cookies”.
These are managed by third parties independent of MarcosGames under their sole responsibility, it being specified that MarcosGames has no access to the data that could be obtained by means of these “cookies”.
Except in the case of obvious errors, it is agreed that the information resulting from the gaming systems of MarcosGames has probative value in any dispute as to the connection elements and the computer processing of said information relating to the game.
In order to adapt to the evolution of the site and / or its exploitation, MarcosGames reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and without notice, the rules and conditions of games or services offered on the site.
Any player will be informed of this change when logging on to the site and will be invited to consult the terms of the new regulations. In case of refusal of this new regulation, the player can then unsubscribe. This act will lead to the closing of his account without any right of indemnity.
MarcosGames is a French association law 1901, registration with the CNIL remains without object. MarcosGames is obliged to disseminate the annual result of the activity. This result will be available as of the closure of the first financial year as an association in a section provided for this purpose.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, participants have the right to access, rectify and oppose data concerning them, which can be done on request at in the “my account” section
The full settlement is available free of charge on the website and is deposited in the study of SCP SAFAR Frédy SAFAR Patrick bailiffs associated with Melun 77000, 20, bld Gambetta. The endorsement, dated 04/04/2008, is deposited in the study of SCP SAFAR Frédy SAFAR Patrick bailiffs associated with Melun 77000, 20, bld Gambetta before broadcast on the site